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10 Steps to better quality sleep

Adequate sleep is necessary for optimal daily performance and long-term health. This is why poor- quality sleep is often a contributing factor to many medical conditions.

The Silent Killer

Galen in Ancient Greece first described a circulatory system in the human body. He explained this as a system of interconnected set of arteries filled with “pneuma”(life giving force). 

How Close Is Too Close?

With Covid-19 hot on the press everybody appears to have an opinion, a favourite protection remedy, the latest cure or conspiracy theory.

Skincare during winter

Skincare is important especially as we start to get older because the skin is more susceptible to skin infection and skin diseases due to the changes that take place to skin as we age.

Stay well in the winter

As we hit another cold snap, let’s talk about how the cold affects our immunity and what we can do to improve it in these winter months.

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